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CMEF Autumn 2019 exhibition tour

2019 CMEF Qingdao exhibition held as scheduled, the show people mountain people sea, Qingdao, as the leading city of shandong, as early as in 2016 GDP topped one trillion yuan as of the 12th overall GDP across one trillion cities in China, is also the first pilot city, national medical keep combining emphatically promote medical service ability and service level, strengthen regional medical center, enhance the industry influence.


In addition, Qingdao faces South Korea and Japan across the sea, which is not only the largest distribution center for domestic Japanese and Japanese businessmen, but also an important bridgehead for One Belt And One Road construction.


The West Coast New District, where CMEF Autumn Exhibition is held, is the new economic development center that Qingdao is striving to build. It is not only the 9th state-level new district, but also the national key healthy living model city in the new era. At present, four national Grade A hospitals, including Qingdao Branch of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, Qingdao Yingciwanda International Hospital, and Qingdao Binhai University affiliated large military and civilian integration hospital, have been located in the West Coast New District.


In 2018, Qingdao West Coast New Area was awarded as one of the first demonstration pilot areas for the combination of medicine and care in Shandong Province. The development momentum of the medical and health industry in Shandong province is very strong.