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ISPO 2019 exhibition tour

ISPO -- the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics was founded in 1970.Founded as a multidisciplinary, unofficial nonprofit organization of medical care. ISPO covers all aspects of medical science and related practices in the provision of prosthetics, orthopaedic care, rehabilitation engineering and related fields worldwide.


The ISPO global summit has moved from one continent to another in order to reach the wider world market and focus on regional exchanges, research, specialities and challenges.

Every two years, professionals from the world of prosthetics and orthoses gather at this global conference for the prosthetics and orthoses industry. The exhibition, which is held at the same time as the interdisciplinary World Congress, gives visitors an overview of the latest products and solutions.


Held in Japan in 2019, the 17th ISPO was very successful, were welcomed 154 exhibitors from 38 countries, received from 97 countries and 4400 participants, 63% were Japanese participants, ISPO also held a symposium in 24 games, 28 provides the teaching course, for the participants from all over the world know that industry innovation.


Professional technicians, medical personnel, prosthetics technicians, orthopedic technicians, orthopedic shoe technicians, rehabilitation engineers, physiotherapists and researchers from all over the world gather here to learn about the latest scientific and clinical medicine advances, products, innovative technologies, designs and raw materials.


After the exhibition, we led you to visit Kawamura Prosthetics Co., LTD, the largest prosthetics and orthotics company in Japan, which was highly appreciated by everyone.