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Foreign Trade Policy Sharing 2019

This foreign trade policy sharing will be held jointly by IED zhengzhou Medical device Industry Association, of course, did not participate in the timely customer do not be discouraged, we will share the results to you ~


At zhengzhou national games, in order to practice our patriotic culture, his first cudgel play the national anthem, and then share the official start of the foreign trade policy will, first of all introduce zhengzhou medical instrument industry association secretary general - ms li-na hou, and 59 medical equipment network CEO, zhengzhou medical instrument industry association, vice President - Mr Meng Yingtao, addressed and mon always welcome.




As a medical enterprise, how to take advantage of the good government's determination to win? So, drawing on our experience over the years, we sent Katherine, our "strength representative", to share with us the subsidy policies of state-supported enterprises in expanding overseas markets. When we met important issues, everyone held up their mobile phones and took photos. Katherine not only Shared dry goods with us, but also pointed out the direction for enterprises to expand overseas markets.


Speech interaction during always bear the brunt of meng, on behalf of all the audience to question, and on further discussion with you, as the saying goes, every potter praises his pot, and experienced people have a say, we have to go to South Africa local visiting Amanda, sharing the local in-depth experience, with their own experience to solve all doubts, highlights of lead the audience present.


Then please our guest I miss you, henan medical - Holly, for us to share the experience of foreign trade growth way and when it comes to seesaw battle finally had the experience of two years with Indian customers, Holly to humor humor and wit, summed up the experience and the essence of them dry and precious practical experience for many years, provided valuable ideas to present the audience, selfless share ~ thank you Holly!


In fact, when enterprises are developing foreign trade business, the most tangled is often how to choose the right overseas market, at this time can not leave our "guidance" !Let's welcome Wild, the "grand finale" of the young Ai team. Taking the Russian market as an example, we will interpret the overseas market for you. Secretary Hou also made a summary of this.



The Russian medical association for medical devices industry exhibition zhengzhou cooperation with us, the heating, common to attend overseas exhibitions in union way, to avoid misjudgment of numerous international exhibition, at the same time effectively reduce the cost, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, accelerate the zhengzhou medical equipment industry the pace of "going out", form a win-win situation! We believe you must be very fruitful, it is "excellent quality and reasonable price"!



Not listen to the accusers, the process of listening many audiences have their own opinions and questions, interactive link enthusiasm, we introduce each other, each other to discuss, because everybody enthusiasm is so high that some time hasty, we are prepared to 10 foreign trade subject, finally can only choose a few discussions, see everybody for the share of foreign trade will be actively involved in, we are really sincere, all efforts finally paid off, thanks to you for your support and love, all the way since we believe that the sight of things perfectly, the next step will naturally present!