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The first foreign trade sharing meeting in 2019

On February 16, 2019, "How to Explore the International Market" foreign trade sharing meeting held by IED and Tuoren Medical in Changyuan, Xinxiang during the international Medical Device Exhibition came to a successful conclusion!


The sharing meeting was held in the Medical Museum Conference Center of Camel Man Group. In order to facilitate communication, face-to-face consultation and in-depth consultation with guests were adopted


First is the guest speaker - Xu Xin, ccpit international exhibition in henan province henan chamber of commerce, deputy secretary general, deputy director of the China international chamber of commerce and master of public administration, renmin university of China, regarding the subsidy policy speech, lecture content is basic knowledge of exhibitions, including overseas exhibition classification, analysis of overseas markets, overseas exhibition situation and present situation of China to overseas exhibitors, henan abroad exhibition support policy, development of special funds, according to the process of foreign trade and economic cooperation including the conditions needed to declare the business and specific declaration process, each process details explanations, participation outside process steps, the matters needing attention, etc.


At the end of the speech also said to do foreign trade need to have the spirit, and you insist, to win everyone's consensus!


The second speaker is Katherine , who is from IED. After introducing the team of IED, she analyzed the export situation of domestic medical equipment and compared with the export situation of global medical equipment, focusing on how to select the appropriate international market in the face of the global market.


Detailed answers are given from the knowledge that needs to be understood in the early stage, the preparation that needs to be made, to where to start in the later stage, how to take each step, etc., and how to analyze in detail. We believe that the partners in the sharing meeting must have taken good notes ~


Zhu Yanwei, director of foreign trade of Xingda Medical, analyzed how to set up a foreign trade team from his own experience, and Shared the establishment process of his foreign trade team, and how to carry out product positioning, and cited the case of Changsha Health source for specific analysis, and stressed that competition has always been, to innovate from the product!


Market research is a difficult but necessary process, carefully screening analysis is suitable for the market itself, and to determine its key markets, customers and to develop a specific market, director zhu mentioned, CE and FDA certification is basic requirement, medical industry, of course, this part just with director xu also noted that the registration fee to declare, he mentioned certification service photograph echo, make foreign trade is the need to be invested a year earlier, give to you.


The preparation of materials is also zhu director and Director Xu stressed the topic, and in foreign trade before also to the company's comprehensive strength assessment, of course, the last sentence, professional, dedicated to do a good job, superb dry summary is worth keeping in mind the collection!


As we all know, this foreign trade sharing meeting was held by camel man Group. We had the honor to invite The European market development manager Niu Shaoyang of Camel man Medical Group to share the overseas market layout of camel man medical treatment.


Cattle manager first in detail introduced the camel company including development, leadership profile, and medical care, production base, museum, meeting center, the application innovation activities and results, research and development platform, the level of marketing, social responsibility, the group product brand and series, such as response to national policy, actively participated in international exhibition and conference.


Then focuses on the camel one foreign trade development, internal docking framework, market choice, the choice of customers and the last subject interaction, have to say cow manager not only one handsome leg long, share knowledge of foreign trade is also worth pondering, after a few guest speech, the scene began to hot interaction, to recorded in the guest to speak, in the interactive link ask disambiguation, and as a result of face to face communication, achieve good communication effect.


The cold weather could not withstand everyone's enthusiasm. At last, we benefited a lot from the experience sharing of manager Yu Huaiqing, general manager of international Marketing Department of the mysterious guest Tuoreng Group. We kept asking questions and solving problems.


After the sharing meeting, we had the honor to invite guests and on-site friends to visit camel man Medical Museum together. So far, this foreign trade sharing meeting has come to a successful conclusion! IED share, grow up together, thank you for the support of friends, we will also adhere to focus on doing medical care, heart to do everything!