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FIME 2018 exhibition tour

In 2018, the 28th FIME Medical Fair successfully attracted 14,119 attendees from 41 countries with an exhibition area of 132,917 square feet and 17 national pavilions. For collaboration and business, visitors from all over the world came together to interact with 1,200 exhibitors from 41 countries and sign contracts worth $113 million.


At FIME, MEDLAB Americas will also be a big event. The FIME conference will have a dedicated "lab area" that will host a concurrent exhibition of Laboratory equipment in the United States. The 2018 pavilion, which houses 267 participants, showcases more than 163 laboratory pharmaceutical products, management and diagnostic products. The Laboratory Equipment Exhibition also hosted four accreditation meetings for the Association for Accreditation of Medical Continuing Education to help connect the medical and laboratory industries for future joint development.


While continuing to promote the concept of "education through exhibition", FIME also conducts multi-disciplinary conferences to provide an unparalleled platform for industry exchanges and commerce for medical professionals. These educational conferences attracted a growing number of clinicians and traders and were highly sought after, with 24 per cent of the audience participating.