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OTworld 2018 exhibition tour

OTWorld is the largest and most important meeting place in the world. With its unique combination of trade shows and conventions, it represents the core market for professional communication in the global growth. OTWorld is run by domestic and international partners from industry and science, including service providers, who all work together, just as different disciplines in the rehabilitation team work closely together to care for their patients.


The goal of OTWorld is clear - business first, it is the world's number one platform for effectively sharing knowledge and making business deals very specifically there. OTWorld offers a wide selection of current trends, growth strategies and product innovations for orthotists and prosthetists, orthopedic shoe technicians, podiatrists and chiropodists, rehabilitation technicians, therapists and physicians, as well as engineers and funding agencies.


For four days in 2018, Leipzig devoted itself entirely to orthopaedic technology. More than 570 exhibitors from 43 countries -- from market leaders to start-ups -- showcased world premieres and innovations at OTWorld 2018. At its world conference, the industry is in a good position for the future: digital and 3D printing is everywhere, whether in orthopaedics and prosthetics, rehabilitation technology, compression therapy or orthopaedic footwear technology.


OT World consolidates its reputation as one of the World's leading industry gatherings, providing an excellent forum for international experts. International experts -- from doctors to prosthetists, orthodontists to engineers -- discussed advanced treatments and came up with breakthrough technologies that focused on transferring knowledge between professions for the benefit of patients. The 21,400 visitors from more than 90 countries once again set a new benchmark for international trade shows and world congresses.