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CMEF 2018 exhibition tour of Shanghai

After a site visit to the customer, we open the exhibition mode, and the depth of the enterprise communication and exchange of industry trends, understand you needs, make the ai billion di business to better serve the medical equipment and instruments as well as the IVD industry, to provide you most concerned about data and market information, to promote the development of the industry consulting, international exhibitions and academic exchanges of multi-channel medical service providers.


In the exhibition site with an exhibition area of over 220,000 square meters, the organizer will give full play to the advantages of the platform and further subdivide several industrial clusters in the original 8 exhibition halls. For example, the imaging area of Hall 1 and 2 will be subdivided into four clusters, namely CT, NUCLEAR magnetic, ultrasonic and DR. The IVD area of Hall 3 was subdivided into clusters of biochemical diagnosis, immunodiagnosis, molecular diagnosis and POCT.4. The rehabilitation area of Hall 1 is subdivided into rehabilitation engineering, ICF treatment, family medical treatment, auxiliary devices and Clusters of Traditional Chinese medicine; China Smart Health exhibition is divided into clusters including Internet of Things, health management, mobile and telemedicine.

Wisdom health exhibition, new China in 2018 has attracted nearly 500 exhibitors with artificial intelligence, medical robots at home and abroad, big data, VR/AR, medical health care application iot, 3 D printing, wearable devices, mobile and cloud platform for telemedicine and health management and technological achievements, such as brought an unprecedented rushed to appear for the industry of medical science and technology of black interaction feast.


It is worth mentioning that the Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud platform and other technologies at the exhibition site have become the focus of the most attention of the audience. Intelligent medical products and services that are more and more close to the grass-roots communities, families and terminal groups of elderly individuals are also favored and praised by the audience.