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Foreign Trade Sharing Meeting of IED 2018

On the afternoon of March 3, 2018, before the foreign trade sharing meeting began, in order to create a relaxed and pleasant communication atmosphere, the staff specially prepared fruits and snacks for everyone, so that everyone could feel more relaxed during the tea break discussion.


With warm applause, the first foreign trade sharing meeting of IED in 2018 officially began. The host began by mentioning the beautiful vision of the meeting, saying, "I hope people in the medical and medical trade circles can learn from each other, communicate with each other, and make progress together."

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First of all, the secretary general of Zhengzhou Medical Device Industry Association made an opening speech, encouraging enterprises to go out and expand the market. I hope we can have in-depth exchanges and make full use of this meaningful sharing meeting of IED to learn together.

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Then came the introduction. We introduce our company one by one and invite each other to exchange and study in our factory. It's time for the keynote speech! The first guest was from Henan Xingda Medical Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD. She began her speech entitled "Dealer Development and Maintenance". The keynote speech was wonderful and varied, covering the development, selection, authorization, management and maintenance of dealers.

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During the interactive session, we actively exchanged views. When it came to the registration issue, we began to speak warmly. During the tea break, we continued to communicate with each other enthusiastically, adding contact information and exchanging business CARDS.

The second keynote speaker was entitled "How to Carry out e-commerce work? And the combination of online and offline work "keynote speech. The interactive part still requires enthusiastic exchange.

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Time flies and the sharing will come to an end. Let's take a group photo. This sharing meeting welcomed medical device manufacturers, medical device industry association and its member enterprises, lawyers, medical traders and medical service providers. The sharing meeting ended in a perfect ending.

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