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What are the categories of logos?

Many people in the establishment of a company, often the most sad is what our logo to use, when you seek the support of the design company, dizzyingly design direction, always let people can not reflect, on the end of their own company suitable for the logo.


According to the data, the first way for potential consumers to recognize an enterprise is to see its brand logo. An impressive brand logo can enhance consumer loyalty and ultimately corporate income. Therefore, brand logo should not be made hastily! Follow us, learn more industry information!


1. Letter type: letter type logo is usually the abbreviation of the enterprise name, which is a good way to make a long series of enterprise names easy to remember and make the enterprise brand more impressive in the small character space.


2. Badge: badge logo is a way to put the brand name into the symbol. These logos are usually used by traditional companies that are leading the brand.


3. The brand logo: brand logo is usually through the symbol or the form of visual design, the logo presentation is an ideal way for large companies, because this way will not be influenced by local languages (because the logo is not in the company name), but this way is not suitable for the lack of brand awareness of the small and medium enterprises or not used by the expansion plans of multinationals.


4 words trademark categories: words of trademark logo usually only using text as a logo design elements, this to want to promote the small and medium-sized enterprise brand awareness is quite good for, if the enterprise as well as some special and name will attract the attention of people effectively, it also makes the potential customers have a brand is a mature brand of illusion.


5. Multiple classes: the so-called multiple element refers to the use of words and images at the same time the designed logo, the text mainly is to use the brand name, this helps to enhance brand awareness, image elements are more strengthen the potential consumers of memory, an extension of the image design of the part can also have other USES, but when the firm growth, also can separate words and images to brand logo for evolution.