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The five essential elements for opening a script

Usually, the first ten pages of a script are the most important, because people don't read the entire script. This is especially true in Hollywood, where no one wants to wait until the end to see if this is a waste of time, especially in a mature industry.


So what are the five essential elements of a script to start with? Pay attention to us, learn more industry information!


1. Determine the movie type

By identifying the genre early on, we can save our scripts a lot of detours, and when we have a clear understanding of what each genre needs to be and what the audience expects, at least the general direction will be clear.


2. Introduce the main characters

Characters are the core of the whole script. In the first ten pages, the protagonist should not only complete the appearance and the establishment of basic information such as occupation and personality, but also let the audience know the relationship between other main characters and them.


3. Show where the story took place

The influence of environment on the whole story is potential but very important. It may be the dazzling visual effect in science fiction blockbuster, which brings the audience to a new world, or it may be the depiction of life in realistic films, which makes the audience empathize.


4. State your theme

Themes are often missing from a lot of movies, but as a good movie, there's a lot of value in themes. You may not be able to make them obvious at the beginning, but make sure you know what you're talking about.


5. Create a dramatic situation

Last but not least, what makes the script interesting to read is the dramatic situation at the beginning, what kind of trouble our characters are in, or what kind of goals they want to achieve. Then, the drama begins.


Script first ten pages means movies into the top ten minutes, in the ten minutes of the time we need to complete the five task, but it doesn't have to be in order for the five elements, we can process according to the story one by one to achieve them, which not only can effectively prevent your script to be quickly eliminated, more important is that it can make your audience as early as possible to confirm whether they want to see this film, the operator does not conform to their taste, after all, the audience more impatient than audit of the script.