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What kind of trend does the future creative exhibition hall design have?

The world is developing rapidly and the future is full of infinite possibilities. The exhibition hall design is ahead of the future. Good exhibition hall design has advanced design thinking.


Each exhibition hall is designed to attract more people to visit, so as to remember the content and products displayed. What are the trends of creative exhibition hall design in the future? Pay attention to IED, take you to understand the latest global industry information!


Intelligent exhibition Hall Design

In the future wireless development of science and technology, the intelligent exhibition hall of science and technology should be the first choice. The intelligent exhibition hall is designed to realize virtual insight, use and display of holographic projection products and VR on-site experience by using multiple technological means. Intelligent exhibition hall design can cooperate with various products to achieve display, save cost and space, and more attractive, interactive, operability.


Lighting exhibition Hall Design

Light and shadow art is a familiar and innovative way of expression in the field of design. According to the space environment of the exhibition hall, different light and shadow layouts, types of light sources, lamps and lanterns, etc. are determined to cooperate with unique audio-visual effects and artistic conception to achieve the purpose of publicity theme. The interactive experience method commonly used in the design of laser projection in the exhibition hall can make the exhibition hall more interesting, and the information provided by the exhibition hall can also be clear at a glance, so that visitors can see the whole picture with distinct priorities and strong atmosphere.


Dynamic exhibition Hall design

Dynamic exhibition hall design, can saying is a kind of mobile exhibition design, exhibition design and selling behavior together, for example, some creative park design, each product is a display of goods, but these goods may let people experience by way of selling tickets, get the true feelings, there are many advanced dining-room design, they are through this dynamic exhibition hall design, realized the organic combination of exhibition design and marketing, has created a new form of the exhibition hall.