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What are the commonly used exhibition layout methods in the exhibition hall desi

The exhibition hall design has been deeply accepted by enterprises and everyone. When visiting the exhibition hall, we will see that there are basically three common ways of exhibition hall layout, namely, combination of pictures and texts, audio and video display, and digital multimedia. Reasonable use of these forms will make the exhibition hall display a good effect.


Today, let's introduce these three ways of arranging exhibitions. Follow us, learn more industry information!


Combined display of pictures and texts

The combination of pictures and texts is a common and basic way of display, which is available in many exhibition halls. Compared with other ways, it is more economical and intuitive, but with a single style, it is easy for people to get bored. Meanwhile, it takes up a large amount of space, and it is difficult to transform and upgrade the space.


Audio video presentation

This kind of display is mainly based on picture rotation or news report, and then accompanied by voice introduction and background music, which makes the whole video look shocking and easy to resonate. This kind of content needs to be updated frequently and someone to manage the broadcast, but it lacks interaction with visitors.


Digital multimedia presentation

Digital multimedia exhibition hall belongs to the high-tech, pay attention to the interaction of visitors, looks high-tech, attractive. The commonly used devices include interactive projection, AR/VR, ring screen cinema, phantom imaging and other exhibition items, which are easy to guide the audience into their own roles and achieve the purpose of communication and publicity. For enterprises, space size is not limited, but the overall cost is relatively high.