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What are the requirements of LOGO design?

Logo is the first impression of the enterprise, is the representative of the enterprise culture, is the enterprise to the market of the first military figures. Therefore, it is very important to design a good logo. Logo design has some requirements, Logo designers need to pay attention to. What are they? Pay attention to us, learn more industry information!


1. Keep it simple

An overly complex design creates a barrier to communication, so don't overcrowd the logo and create a visual effect with just a few elements.


2. Smart

If the Logo is not eye-catching, it will not be clear to see. If the line is too thin, it is easy to break or even not appear in the process of various copies.


3. Multi-size adaptation

A lot of designers don't pay attention to this, they make the logo big, it looks nice and beautiful, but don't forget, your logo has to be applied to a lot of little things. Remember: your logo should work just as well whether it's on a billboard or on a business card.


4. Distinctive features

It may sound corny, but sometimes when designers are secretly admiring themselves for their creativity, it's easy to leave something common sense behind. Some logos, while creative and fun to look at, don't accurately convey the company's business identity.


5. Distinctive features

Don't settle for being ordinary. The company is unique, with a unique corporate culture and marketing characteristics, so the logo design must be carefully considered. The circle is a powerful design element that easily creates a visual focus, and its smooth edges are more flattering than those with straight edges.


6. Avoid special shapes

Some special shapes are difficult to fit in some carriers (such as business CARDS, advertising campaigns, etc.) and often look uncomfortable. A good sign ratio would be about 3:2.About the same proportions as a normal TV screen.


7. Logo and name match

If the name is part of the logo, the two must fit together perfectly and can be observed in various positions. Generally, the white line can be extended to form a whole logo with the text, or the color can be reused to form a whole logo.