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What techniques and functions does the lighting design have in the exhibition ha

Good exhibition hall design effect is the performance of attracting people, a review of the characteristics of these exhibition halls, you can find a common feature, that is, these exhibition hall design is the use of lights master, lighting can play a role in attracting the audience.


Today we will be for you to explain the lighting design techniques and its role, pay attention to us, learn more about the industry information!


Quality performance

In some exhibition halls, some of the more important display cabinets or key products need to use light to increase the texture of the products, the use of light subtle shadow composition, to help texture and texture.



The three-dimensional plastic

The perception of stereoscopic modeling depends on the difference of light and shade between concave and convex surfaces. General diffuse light and the light of the front are not easy to produce a deep stereoscopic feeling, the lack of shadow will make all the body appear very flat. Artificial lighting also needs to adjust the appropriate light Angle and light intensity according to the characteristics of the illuminated body, so as to increase the sense of hierarchy between the object and the display environment.


Time correlation

Light has always been the primary means of expressing the character of a building, and time is part of the illumination. Time is the order formed by the continuity and change of phenomena. With the change of seasons and the alternation of day and night, people create the environment and produce the change of time. Artificial lighting creates a different visual landscape.