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What are the steps of booth design and construction?

Booth design and construction is the most important step in booth construction, which directly affects whether the subsequent work goes on normally and smoothly. Then what steps are there in booth design and construction? Pay attention to us, learn more industry information!

1. Communicate with customers and obtain relevant information of customers;

2. Defined the design outline, the project team discussed the design direction, and the designers implemented the design;

3. Revised the feedback from customers, and finally modified the implementation cases;

4. Determine the manufacturing materials and processes, determine the cost and sign the contract;

5. Supervisor of factory construction and engineering department;

6. Site construction, engineering department on-site supervision and accept customer coordination;

7. During the development period, professionals shall provide on-site services and help customers to withdraw from the exhibition;

8. After the exhibition, the project leader shall provide photos of the exhibition site for customers to file.