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Arab Health 2020 exhibition tour

Arab Health consists of three small trade shows -- a medical devices show, a medical lab show, and a medical conference. Arab Health is the world medical profession exposition with the largest exhibition planning, complete exhibition categories and the most outstanding exhibition function in the Middle East region.


Since it was first held in 1975, the exhibition has been expanding year by year in terms of planning, exhibitors and audience Numbers, and has always enjoyed a high reputation among hospitals and agents of medical devices in Middle East countries. It will also be held in Dubai in 2020!


The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. As the first exhibition of the year, Dubai brought us a huge "surprise" -- a quarter of the visitors from Chinese enterprises did not drop, but fortunately the audience did not drop at all. The whole exhibition hall "mask" became the focus of the topic.


At the Arab Health show this time, IED had the opportunity to meet with the organizers of the medical exhibitions in Pakistan and Egypt, to have a more detailed and in-depth understanding of the local medical market and buyers. Our building services have also been recognized by customers!  Thank you for your trust!