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How to plan the exhibition theme correctly?

In the industry exhibition with increasingly fierce market competition, exhibition planning has become an extremely important part, because it involves the vitality and sustainable development prospect of the exhibition project, and even relates to the survival of the exhibition organizer.


The exhibition theme planning should follow the following principles:

1. The establishment of a theme depends on the level of information processing. Exhibition design theme planning is an intelligent intensive system engineering, is a collection of intelligence, experience investment and information processing in one of the complex process.


2. Grasp the changes of exhibition space and time. According to the development situation to determine the best action time, for the exhibition hall renderings for the time planning, the change of the situation refers to the development and change of the macro environment situation.


3. Respond to changes in the market environment and seek for positioning of advantages. The theme planning of exhibition design should also seek a good situational orientation, and the exhibition theme planning should be guided by the right advantages, which is conducive to the status, scale, effectiveness and popularity of the whole exhibition project, and seek for comparative advantages in the constantly changing market environment.


4. Pay attention to the combination of industry characteristics and cultural connotation. The exhibition venue should be chosen according to the theme of the relationship between the exhibition and the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition conditions at the exhibition venue should be reflected by the industrial advantages, industrial structure, economic structure, geographical location, traffic conditions and exhibition facilities. Once the theme exhibition is established, the venue will be consistent with the selection.


5. Exhibition theme planning is a process of resource integration. Exhibition theme planning is to optimize the combination of exhibition resources and process on the basis of making full use of and developing the advantages of exhibition resources. Realize the synergy between the exhibition theme and the overall planning of the exhibition, project implementation and management, brand cultivation and other factors, improve the level of exhibition hall renderings, and expand the market appeal and social influence.


6. Understand your customers' needs. According to the consumer's daily life, work, study needs, plans in the product and links to a certain aspect of the theme exhibition. With the development of science and technology, people's lifestyle, life needs to change, grasp the pulse of fashion life, can continue to plan a new and unique exhibition theme.


7. Use all types of thinking comprehensively and flexibly. The way you think determines the way you plan. There is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between subject planning and thinking mode. To grasp the relationship between positive thinking and reverse thinking, plane thinking and three-dimensional thinking, macro thinking and micro thinking, dynamic thinking and related thinking is conducive to improving the level of theme planning of display design.